Trekking ⛰️

Enjoy Trekking in Futaleufú

Walk through mountains and valleys, cross lakes and waterfalls; be surprised by the majesty of our landscape. The duration of the tours can vary from a few hours to several days, combined with camping.

Cerro La Bandera

In the Northwest Sector we find the access to the Cerro de la Bandera. From the top you can see a large part of the commune, the pre-cordillera and the route of the Espolón River.

Piedra Del Aguila

One-day circuit, ideal for trekking or horseback riding. The route takes us along the Espolon and Noroeste rivers. Two attractions are reached: Piedra del Aguila and Las Cascadas del Lago Espolon, which drains and gives birth to the second part of the river of the same name.

Sector Las Escalas

In the footprint of the Huemul
Route that borders the Futaleufú River on its south side, passing through Valle de Los Reyes, Valle Las Escalas, until it reaches the mouth of the Azul River in the Futaleufú River - La Confluencia.
Walk through the coihue, mañio, tepas and cipreces forests, cross the hanging footbridge over the Futaleufú River in search of the huemul route.

Sector El Azul

The circuit offers the possibility of visiting almost virgin places, reaching lakes in the middle of the Andes. In the Blue Lake, it is possible to contemplate the remains of a snowdrift that gives birth to the river with the same name, while the Los Cedos Lake is the paradise of the lovers of fly fishing.

Sector El Espolon

"The Muleteer's Route"
It corresponds to the route along which the first colonists traveled with their cattle on their way to El Amarillo until they reached Chaitén. Today, it is an interesting alternative for lovers of outdoor life, adventure and nature.
Along this route, countless rivers, streams, slopes and lakes are crossed, camping and enjoying the landscape surrounded by virgin forests.

In all our excursions you will have qualified bilingual guides with years of experience in the area. In addition to insurances, transfers, lunch, drinks and photo and video service.