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Our address

Pedro Aguirre Cerda 436, FutaleufĂș
Palena Province, X Region
Southern Patagonia, Chile


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How to get there

We are located in the northern end of Cilena Patagonia, in the province of Palena, 156 km from the city of Chaiten and 10 km from the border with Argentina.

FutaleufĂș is accessed from Puerto Montt:

  • Via Area
    From La Paloma Airport (45min).
  • Via Maritima
    From Puerto Montt to Chaiten by Barge (10h) and then from Chaiten by land to FutaleufĂș (3h).
  • By land
    From Puerto Montt to Osorno and from there to the Cardenal SamorĂ© Pass passing through Argentina: Villa La Angostura, Bariloche, El Bolson, Esquel, Travelin and finally crossing the international pass "El Limite", we arrive at FutaleufĂș.
  • Bimodal
    From Puerto Montt with Kemel buses, by Carretera Austral, crossing different fjords by barges (10h).

From Argentina you can get there from the city of Esquel, by means of your own vehicle or from the bus terminal.